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#1 - 01-18-2014, 3:48 PM.

well, i found this on another site, so i thought i'd share, i havent tried any of these out, i take no credit in making this guide, im just reposting it for everyone on zilvia, enjoy bitches!!!

ok as requested, heres what each cam comes from...

248 - S13 exhaust
232 - S14 Intake and Exhaust
240 - S13 Intake

all of the impressions here are based on a 92 s13 hatch, automatic, fully rebuilt to stock by me, except apexi panel filter

i've tried 248/248, 240/248, 248/232, 240/240, and now i've tried 248/240

its been a while since i've tried any other cam swap besides 240/240, and i've never had 248/232 on the automatic car, but i did install it on a friends automatic, and it did net similar results to my manuel car so i feel it's semi-fair to compare

248/248 - is by far my least favorite cam swap. there is a noticable loss in low end, and the motor never rev's high enough to take too much advantage of the additional top end power. I'm not saying the top end isn't there, it just really only starts pulling until right before 6000 rpm, and pulls to 7000. then you hit the rev limiter and crave for a few more revs. maybe an automatic ecu and 7200 rpm mighyt be beneficial, but i love to rev it out and i shouldnt be allowed to have 200 more rpm. if i had a more top end oriented motor 248/248 would be a great thing to have, but until i can afford it, i wont ever use it again. the sound you get from this beast is nice though

240/248 is obviously stock, its been a while since ive actually had a car with 240/248. but from what i remember the low end is decent but it does fall on its face in the top end. the 248 exhaust cam is trying to make top end power, but the 240 intake cam is trying to provide more all-around power, not just low or top end. i dont like it because of how bad it falls on its face before even 6500

232/232 - i never tried, but i got em so i could.... but come on 232/232?

240/240 - has a really snappy low end, probably the best low end ive tried, and its the only times ive ever spun the tires into second gear in the automatic, granted its gotta be wet outside... anywho, 240/240 is what i'm directly compareing to 248/240 here. 240/240 has a nice pull even in the top end, and power is quite prominent in the 4000 rpm area. i'm still a big fan of 240/240 and i'd like to try it on my manuel car, but that car already has the hands down best stock cam swap possible....

248/232 - this is hand-down where its at. If you have some s13 cams and some s14 cams you should have already done this. the power production is great everywhere. you only lose a little bit of top end over 248/248 and you gain more low end than you get with any other swap besides maybe 232/232. the KA craves this swap, it loves the low end and, chances are you only rev to 6500 anyway, so thats why this is the cam sawp for you. only don't do this if you wanna get beat by me. i'm only kidding, i'm too poor to be fast.

248/240 - you read all that crap just to get to here so here it is. coming from 240/240 in a nearly stock automatic car, i'm very disapointed. the only major difference is a slight gain in top end, maybe 2hp, but the loss of low end is noticable. i'd rather have that torque back for this daily driver than the slight bump i got in top end. granted this car is actually proven quicker now than the 240/240 car, but its less satisfying. everyone wants to be put into the back of their seat right away, not eventually.....

240/232 - this is what i just put in my automatic car. im a huge fan of the low end here, and its better than 240/240. the overlap is always off by about 2 degrees or so when you use an intake cam used as an exhaust cam or vice-versa. So for that reason, 240/232 works very nice. i can tell it doesnt have quite as much pull in the top end as 248/232 but its part-throttle driveability is great. you really only feel the low end torque when you are at part-throttle anyways, so you need ot make a decision....

240/232 - is great for a dailydriver, where low end torque is favored over top end merging power. in the automatic, after shifts the car has noticably more power than it does with 248/232. I would say if you have an automatic get the 240/232 because you spend more time in the midrange becasue of your gearing.

248/232 - is for the manuel car. ive gone to and from this cam swap in both cars at least five or six times, and i always come back. its the best there is, and its greater than stock. its ideal for forced induction, and its cheap to do. i can imagine this swap would be even more devestating with a redrilled cam gear.

248/248 - is something im going to look at again with my current setup on the manuel car. (redrilled cam gear, intake manifold, SAFC, 3in exhaust, and dc sports header) it doesnt do any good in the auto, the loss in mid and low end isnt worth it. ive seen a dyno of 248/232 vs 248/248 and the difference in top end is something like 2hp, but the difference in midrange is 6 peak hp and all kinds of torque.....


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#2 - 01-18-2014, 7:16 PM.

Good info. So the conclusion is that 248/232 is the best "stock" setup for the KA? Anyone have any experience with different cam setups? I guess I just skipped the whole KA process and got an SR20 lol.

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